Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Today around the city + a huge compliment

It's rare that I need to bicycle straight into Hamilton, but today I did.  The blurry photo reads 20.0km right on the button (not 200).

I saw a neat bike locked nearby. It had a wild twist in the tube but I guess its still rideable.

Some upcoming events...

And the benefit of living in the west-end where all the $ is.  In this case, separated, two-way bike lanes (I'm not bitter at all).

A beautiful day to be out, but the greatest thing that happened today was a comment I received on my way home.  A fellow passed me on a Bion-X electric bike, and then stopped about 300 yards ahead to wait for me.  He clearly wanted to say something to me.  And then he said it.

"Are you a bicycle courier?"

That's a compliment!

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