Friday, September 30, 2011

My Bike

I originally purchased this Diamondback Miramar so that I could do a triathlon.  It's a hybrid with wide tires and a non-aggressive riding position because I also wanted it for around town practicality - so it was alright for the triathlon but not ideal. Yes, I do have my eye on a few other bikes - most of them are Surly's but we'll have to see.  I'm not a wealthy person so I can't have the stable of bikes that others do.  I have the Miramar and maybe one day I'll have another as well.
In the meantime, my hacker has gotten me to work and back spring, summer, fall and winter (Canadian winters too).  Except for occasional adjustments it's been dependable enough. I just bought a work stand from MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-Op) but its on backorder.  It'll come in very handy when winter gunk needs to get cleaned out of my drivetrain.  I'll review it when it arrives.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A book I keep coming back to

Really good book by Ross Chapin called, "Pocket Neighborhoods."  It's all about physical living arrangements at the neighborhood scale.  I notice the absence of any reference to Michael E. Arth's work on New Pedestrianism - it's at least an oversight and I hope not a slight to him.  Otherwise a pretty comprehensive but readable look at community and the way its being revived and, in some cases, re-thought.