Monday, March 26, 2012

Shoulder Training

I watched a video of the P2A and got a little intimidated by what I saw.  I've never really done anything like this before - lots of racing but never, ever off-road.  I think my ride is up to it, but am I?
My reaction was to create a 20km training loop.  The loop is in the countryside (where my house is) and so all the shoulders of the highway are soft - anything from heavy gravel, to grass, to packed dirt.  I decided to do the loop entirely on the shoulders.  Thus, "shoulder training."
Seems to work.
I've only got 23 or 24 days to get "up" for this.  I had been counting on my latent commuting fitness, but my reaction after watching the video was that that would not be sufficient.
Really not certain what my goals are - in my head they range from ultimate glory to, just finish.
I think something in between, like, don't lose to anyone riding a tandem might be reasonable.
I'd push that to, don't lose to anyone riding a single speed but I truly have my doubts.  There are several Olympic class athletes in this thing (that's why ultimate glory really isn't an option outside of my head).

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Inspiration Needed

Unmotivated by the cold, windswept darkness of morning these past many weeks I have decided to find motivation in training for something.
So far I have selected two events that get my blood pumping.
The first is the Paris-to-Ancaster race.  It's 60km over a variety of surfaces.  It's pretty popular too.  It'll be my first time in it though. 
That's happening April 15th.

Then, in July, I'll do my first ride assisted long-distance bit from Windsor, Ontario to Toronto.  I think its about 600km.  More on that later.

For Paris-Ancaster I hope I can get my new frame built up.  It won't be quite the way I will ultimately want it but now I'm under the wire to get it done.  I've been held up looking for forks but I think I've landed on something agreeable.