Saturday, May 04, 2013

40k ride that felt longer

I'm entered into a fantastic looking gravel-grind for June so instead of just commuting I am compelled to do a little extra. The event is called the Hilly Billy Roubaix and it was my wonderful wife that suggested it in the first place!

When it comes to training for this kind of thing my friend, JD, is the go to fellow.  I mean, anyone who competes at the Tour Divide can certainly show me a thing or two about singletrack and handling on soft ground.

After climbing the Niagara Escarpment we headed west across the DOFASCO Trail.  It's a pleasant ride with crushed limestone double-track all the way. After a pause at the Punchbowl Market  we headed back down the escarpment.  One would think going downhill on a bicycle is the fun part, but it was also the most difficult part. In fact I got stuck going way fast between a runnell and soft gravel and it took me down.

White coffee & a Cliff Bar.  Now that's a winning combination!

"He's OK!"
After quickly reassuring myself I could move my legs and that nothing seemed broken I started to chuckle.  Maybe it was shock, maybe it was thankfulness. Not to say that I wasn't in pain, because it hurt. A lot.  But I did survive it.

The picture above looks posed but nope, that's right where I lay until I got my wits about me.

From there we turned west and went across the base of the escarpment, and then back up.  I was pleased with my climbing but I am certain I need more gear options for the Roubaix. I'll have to see what Pinkbike has to offer.

In the end we covered just over 40km. Not a long distance if you ask me, just don't ask my body because it thinks it went much further than that!

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