Thursday, May 30, 2013

Paké C'Mute Refit

I have begun to gather the parts necessary for what I hope will be my one bike to rule them all.
Today I started refitting the C'Mute. I have the Hilly Billy Roubaix in mind, but I really think that this set-up will be accommodating for every situation I encounter on a bicycle.

To start, I had to strip things down.  It was a great day to move the stand outside.

The drop bars come off a small Peugeot I purchased for my daughter a couple of years back.  They aren't fancy but I don't see the need for anything better.

I did one layer of spongy grip-tape and covered that with my favorite, cloth tape.  Hopefully there's enough padding to make it easy on the wrists when I am off the beaten path.

All taped up and looking good!

New 9-speed cassette on the back...

32-tooth single up front.  Hopefully this gives me the range I need for hills.  

I didn't get it finished today but its close.  Chain and pedals (going to try "eggbeater" style) and I have some Dia-Compe ENE Down Tube Shifters on the way from Velo-Orange.  I am going to go with friction shifting.

I'll throw on my regular saddle for now, but before the end of the summer I'll top things off with a nice, sleek, black, Brooks B-17.  Once the gravel grinding is over I'll invest in some fenders too.

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  1. The Pake is looking good. My LHT build was`one bike to rule them all` but only a year later later and I`m having ideas about a 29er build. I will resist.