Monday, May 06, 2013

Paris to Ancaster 2013 - wrap up

I looked at the hit-counter for this blog and it was crazy!  The first thing I thought was 'what could I possibly have to offer that is that interesting?!' and then I realized its because people are searching "Paris to Ancaster" just like I am.

If you are stumbling across me that way I welcome you to stick around.  Whoever you are, you have given me a nice boost and I thank you!

There are many, many photographers along the length of the course and a few of them are entrepreneurs who sell photos to the participants (just like when you get off a big roller-coaster!).  Last year I purchased the only shot of me that I could find and I knew I'd do that again this year because I seldom get a chance to have an action picture of me.

It turns out I had a few to choose from.  One was clearly within the first 3-4 kilometers because there is neither mud on my bike nor my body.  Plus I have this huge, stupid grin that I guarantee did not last past 10k.  Passed on that one.

There's a series of me from another company who captured my finish.  It could not contrast better with the first shot.  I look like I've just returned from 'Nam.  Those shots were ok, but I always had my mouth open like a bass hitting for a fly.  Passed on those.

I settled on the one above even though I'm not looking at the camera (probably for the best).  It's not likely too far into things either but it's a good in-between photo nonetheless.

I guess I already posted that I came in just over three hours.  I think I have the Beast figured out and I am hoping for a sub three hour showing next year.


  1. That's a cool shot. I like that you're not facing the camera. Has me wondering what you were looking at.

  2. You are becoming quite the racer. What's next Trans Iowa?

  3. That looks like a heckuva fun race. I wish we had something similar, here in Colorado...

  4. Thanks for your comments everyone.

    @Randy - thanks for affirming my selection!
    @Pondero - I think I enjoy the camaraderie of a race more than the actual competition. I'd love to do the Trans!
    @Jon - It's a really well-run event. It'd be worth the trip!