Monday, May 27, 2013

Tektro RL520 Have Arrived

It seemed less expensive and fidgety to purchase the Tektro RL520's than it would have been to convert to cantilever brakes on the Paké.

At one time I would not have dreamt of using my newer Paké C'Mute build for a gravel race, but I have changed my mind.  In fact, I think I can build it into an all around ride - including my daily commute.

I had changed my position on the C'Mute to a more upright one because I thought it would make the daily grind more comfortable.  Strangely, it does not.  For some reason my back, neck and arms do better over a long haul when I am slightly hunched into a "racing" position.

That means I am willing to try drop bars again, and I needed brakes to go with.

I had to order these from Vancouver because it was the only place in Canada I could find that stocked them.  It's taken two months of shipping-by-Greyhound-mixups but they finally arrived.  I don't get home from work until about 10:00 tonight which means they won't be going on this evening.  But I cannot wait!  The reviews I found are basically all stellar - so now I get all the stopping power of V-brakes with hoods on! An unusual combination to be sure.

I didn't know what colour hoods I'd be getting but black was my first choice!

There are two or three more components to add and I will be bike-ready for the Hilly-Billy Roubaix on June 22.

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