Friday, October 28, 2011

Stopping in for a quick fix

One of the neat things I have along my commute is a bicycle co-op.  It's the New Hope Bike Co-Op.  Right now its only $5 to join for a lifetime!  However, I challenged them on that yesterday.  In order to be sustainable and to not be taken advantage of I recommended that they come up with a better fee structure.  I told them that I would be very willing to pay a higher, annual rate in order to use their facility.  In fact, they are looking into other models.

The model I don't like are the ones that are "too" expensive!  They just sort of drive you back to your LBS anyhow.  So there must be a balance.  In the interim I think we are all benefitting from the $5 fee.  Whoot!

The shop was nice and empty when I came in! 
They have beautiful Park repair stands.

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