Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ride for Refuge

Pretty nice day for a ride.  There were 90 km/hour gusts and sometimes it was pretty demoralizing, but it was a great tour through beautiful countryside that I was not familiar with.
Over 300 people were riding in this year's Ride for Refuge, and although you get a bit spread out there is still a strong sense of kinship. 

Looks quirky but it's solid!
Me getting ready to go.  It was 11c and they were calling for rain so I layered a bit.

Just some of the bikes at the start.

They had all kinds of support vehicles.  Helped me know that my daughter would be safe in these conditions (she had a great time too!)

A neat looking Schwinn I saw in the crowd.  50 km on this, in today's headwinds, might have been tough though.

A bunch of friends who were riding for the same cause as my team.  I never did catch them on the route!
I really should have taken some more shots along the way.  It was stunning.  However I was just too "lazy" to concede my momentum. 

In the end, lots of money raised for several good causes.  I got a t-shirt and a tremendous vegetarian chilli lunch. 

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