Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Toy for the Rebuild

Much more solid than I had expected!
First bike on it is my daughters rebuild - the Peugeot.

First thing I have to do is the headset which I messed up. 
This is kind of learn-as-I-go!

It's beginning to get a bit cold on the hands out in the garage but I am so excited about the stand that I'm sure I will overlook all that without flinching.
Next stop, the local bike co-op, for a few tips on the headset thing.
I also want to build the wheels myself.

Let me get used to the stand and I'll do a review of it.  Hard for me to know what to compare it to.  One of these times I'll show you my old set-up for bike repair - a home grown concept that will blow your mind!  But you must wait!

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