Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Road Obstacle

Nice day for a ride yesterday.  I keep waiting for a good shot of the autumn colours but alas this does not seem to be their year.  I've heard it said that the summer was not wet enough for good colours.
So I'm in the usual bike lane on the way to work yesterday, enjoying myself, paying attention but also taking in a nice part of the ride when I nearly hit this...

There's a heritage park on the other side of the street, and I will admit, I was looking that way.  My right pedal nearly clipped this sign, and that would have hurt some.
The thing that gets me is that the sign had not fallen, rather it had been placed this way.  It's just that, I think, its easier for pedestrians to get around something like this rather than a bicycle in the bike lane, so perhaps it should be totally on the sidewalk.
Oh well (and I can say "Oh well" because I am fine), disaster averted.
I would have moved the thing myself but I couldn't lift it (back issues).  Hope no one was hurt by it.
I did notice that it was still there on my way home from work but could not find any road work fellows to point it out to.

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