Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ride for Refuge

On Saturday I the family and I return to an annual fundraising event called the Ride for Refuge.  I think it started in Canada, but in any case I know its in parts of the States now as well. 
For the last three years we've kept it to 10 kilometers because my daughter wanted to participate.  However, this year I am cutting loose from the pack!  My wife and daughter will do their 10k and I will continue and do either 25k or 50k.  Sort of depends on how I'm feeling that day - it's supposed to be pretty miserable. 
25k is just a little over my normal commute to work, so the actual distance doesn't present any real issues.  The possible issue is that this year they have chosen a new route, that on my first inspection, looks like a lot of semi-busy country road.  Frankly I know how to ride in city traffic but most cycling accidents happen outside of the city (so I am told - have no link to back this up but I think I read it somewhere) and I find that a bit intimidating.  Country roads are where the yahoo's speed and come close to you and think its funny.  Together with possible fog or sleet might make for less safe conditions than hoped for.
Pretty sure the 10k loop is well "insulated" with help so I don't fear for my family.
I've raised a few dollars and I'll get a t-shirt and a good hot lunch out of the deal.  I'm really looking forward to it.  The leaves should be out in good colour too.
I'll post some picks on Saturday.

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