Friday, December 16, 2011

Top 9 Bike-Related Things of 2011*

*in my personal experience.

9. Winter commuting.  I had not done this until last winter, beginning in 2010, but I have not only experienced that it is possible but also fun.

8. My first cyclocross event.  I wasn't entered in it and I did not race in it, but I went to it.  It was a blast.  Since I did not have a cowbell I shouted until I was hoarse. The chap my daughter and I decided to cheer for one and that made us all the more thrilled as we seemed to be his only supporter.  I am wondering if I will try entering a cross race sometime in 2012.

7. The Blessing of the Bikes.  A local event that promises to be annual.  About 100 people and their bikes rallied at a local park where a community pastor blessed our bicycles.

6. Wool.  I had read about its magical properties but wasn't a believer until I dove in.  I now have so much merino that I don't think I need a clothes dryer anymore.  I can't get over it's wicking ability.  And still, more wool is on my list this Christmas!

5. Lance is still"innocent." I badly want him to be vindicated however that's looking less and less likely.

4. Reading "Eat, Sleep, Ride" by Paul Howard.  His adventures completing the Tour Divide.  5 stars, hard to put down, highly recommend.

3. The Blog-o-sphere.  I began to read some great BLOGS (see my list) and that engaged me enough that I thought I might have something to offer as well.  Maybe I do and maybe I don't but regardless, I have really enjoyed all you out there who take the time to write and photograph about the things you see, the rides you take and the bicycles that get you there.  Hats off to you.

2. Joining a bike co-op. Technically this could fit under 2010 but I didn't really engage that environment until the winter of 2011.  I have learned a lot from them.

1. Building my daughter's bicycle.  It's chronicled in here somewhere so I don't need to go over it all.  But in a sentence I can say that having rebuilt from the wheels up only makes me want to do it again and again.  Absolute thrill.  I just got a price on a Cross Check on sale, so as long as a 58 isn't too small for me I hope to be starting my own build soon.  Although I admit I am also leaning very close to the Pake C'Mute as well.  Decisions decisions.

That's my top 9.  What's missing is an epic ride.  Still two weeks left in the year so maybe I'll be adding a tenth!

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