Thursday, December 15, 2011

Equipment Fail

My Power Grips failed me today.  Wasn't expecting that.
They require torque when your foot slips in and today when I was dismounting they torqued in the wrong direction and the metal clip bent. 
I had another 15km or so without my left foot secured.  I have to say, I am simply not used to that and my foot just would not stay on the pedal.
This is how Power grips are supposed to look (my undamaged right pedal).  Note my index finger on the unbent clip.

Below, is the bent clip.  I've already attempted to straighten it out but it doesn't look 'good as new.'  We'll see how it performs tomorrow.

I want to get the black set of Power Grips anyhow and I get them in Ottawa, and I am heading there for a few days after Christmas.  Phat Moose here I come.  Oh and they sell Surly too - so I'll be drooling over that.


  1. I used PowerGrips in the late 80s/early 90s, on my mountain bike. Clipless pedals weren't widely available or very affordable, and they worked so much better off-road than standard clips.

    Nowadays, unless I am riding off-road (where I use Speedplay Frogs) I ride without foot retention, even on my fixed-gear bikes.

    BMX pedals keep my feet securely on the pedals, and I don't indulge in the whole "skidding" phenomenon, so it works well for me.

    Of course, your mileage may vary.

  2. Thanks, Jon. I always appreciate your feedback.
    I feel so much more confident with foot retention but perhaps for commuting purposes I should get used to not having any. That would make it easier in the winter when I needed a warmer boot.
    Right now, as you can see from the photos, I use a cheap pedal because I can fit the Power Grips to them. Perhaps that has something to do with the failure as much as anything.