Wednesday, December 07, 2011

City Business, City Views

As the title might indicate I was deeper into the city than usual today and thought I'd keep my eyes peeled for interesting sights.  I saw several worthy of a quip but was struck by the brick wall below and the vandalized poster.

Not sure what creates this effect, or if its even intentional, but its beautiful in its way.

The poster is about 3' by 4' and I think it was placed there to portray diversity in the community.  The only thing I can gather about the graffiti is that it's rhetorical.  Otherwise I don't know what the intent here was.

BTW I see some new tires in my near future.  The Small Block 8's are showing some wear.  That's ok though, it'll give me the chance to bump up from 32's to who knows what.  I want to get something in the 40 range.

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