Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Commuting Challenge

I really enjoy being on a bicycle but for me, more than any other format right now, it boils down to commuting.
No raindrops under the trees.
I was made mindful of this once again today on a very wet ride home from work.  My helmet really is insufficient.  It cannot keep rain off of my glasses and as a result I have limited vision.  That's one investment I'll need to consider sooner than later. 

A lot of my clothing is also insufficient.  I need more wool.  Wool doesn't hold a smell, at least not very much.

If you had smel-o-vision you'd know what I'm talking about.
I have some of those slick undergarments that are good for layering and wicking but terrible for odor.
I don't have any shots of my pants or footgear but it needs work as well.  Technically I don't actually have rain pants, they're more like wind pants I use in the rain (which does nothing).

I do have a full-on balaclava but today was an in-between day.  The balaclava would have been way too hot, but using nothing was way too cold.

Eating a sandwich with no feeling in my face.  Fun but difficult.
I don't typically daydream about my kit.  Usually its more about the machine with me.  But I need to be a bit more realistic.  So now I have a few Christmas dollars and I know I want my steel frame, my Alfine IGH and my Brooks B17 saddle, all costly items, but should I instead be getting more wool, new helmet, bar mits, rain pants, gaters and a new backpack that can handle the wet?  Sigh.

Additional note - as I re-read this I recognize how entitled it makes me sound, which is sort of contrary to the season and my own general philosophy.  So for the record, I do like quality items but I usually spread the purchases out over a long period and only when I have duly saved enough above and beyond what my family requires.


  1. I agree. In my experience, whether it is lighting, tires, wool socks, or even a bottle of water, having a few basics can make the difference on being out there...or not.

  2. Nice blog. Wool is wonderful. Here is a link to some affordable wool. I wear it to bike, work, play etc! The company is called Minus 33. This item is my favorite! http://www.minus33.com/catalog/men-s-100-wool-mid-weight-1-4-length-zip/714CG

  3. @Pondero - yes, I will be stretching my dollars as far as they can go ;) And you have reminded me of some other basics that need a look too.

  4. @Greg - thanks for dropping by, Greg. I checked into your BLOG as well - I like. The Minus33 clan is looking quite good - thanks for the tip. I'll mention your name and maybe you'll get a referral fee kickback or discount!