Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Lake view

Came home by the Lake (Ontario).
Went down to a couple of 'look-outs' I'd never even really noticed before.
Kind of grey, but actually pretty nice out.  Toronto is straight across from here.

Another approach to the lake I thought looked like a good disc-golf hole.  A game I also enjoy.
I've noticed lately that my ride is getting rougher and I don't know how to attribute that.  Perhaps the roads are degrading, my age, my level of fitness, my speed, my tire pressure...?  It does make things a bit less pleasant.  I have an aluminum frame (good against corrosion in these parts when winter riding) but I want to get a steel one soon (Cross Check) and see if it actually makes any difference.  I continually read that it would, but we'll see.


  1. I'm interested in your aluminum vs. steel frame impressions when they become available. Also, just wanted to say I'm also a bit of a disc golf fan. Don't play much, but would like to find time for more.

  2. Pondero, I can't see going the winter without making a frame purchase. Safe to say it's going to happen. Then I'll be into build #2. Certainly keep you posted on the relative differences between materials.
    I may not ride it until the Spring though. Not sure I want to introduce a new machine into a Canadian winter. I'll hang onto the aluminum Diamondback for that.

  3. Disc golf seems like a common theme here. I'm a dg junkie, playing in the Saturday winter league right now. About to enther the Am Grandmaster division.

  4. It's an addictive game, I think. Been playing for many years now and I have actually designed a course, so I have a tendency to look around me all the time for what might be a nice hole/shot. It's just a habit but sometimes it ruins a good walk in the park!

  5. They call people like you visionaries!