Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Live in Minneapolis

I have had the privilege of visiting Minneapolis several times and I am always impressed by its beauty, diversity and friendliness. 
I don't think I'd ever find myself living in the USA but if I did, it would be one of my choices.
Here are my personal reasons why - I leave the 10th spot open for you to fill.
So, in no particular order here are the reasons I think it would be great to live in Minneapolis.

1. It's the home of some cool players in the bicycle industry - Surly, Park Tools and more.

2. It's the home of some great and innovative theological thinkers - Greg Boyd, the folks at Solomon's Porch, etcetera. This might not mean anything to others but I appreciate it (but that could be said for each of my points).

3. It is friendly to cycling and bicycle commuters.  I believe it just won the honour of friendliest bicycling city in the USA.

4. It has an NHL team.  I won't often pay for these overpriced tickets (in any market) but on occasion I will splurge and this is my sport of choice when it comes to mainline sport.

5. It is a small city, but still a city by any definition.  Not overcrowded and has a nice feeling of space.

6. It is a disc golf mecca.  Maybe even the disc golf mecca.  This is a game I play and have played several times in Minneapolis.  Last time I checked they had more courses than any other city in the USA and therefore likely the world.  Added to which, there are some great players in Minneapolis, and several disc-golf-only retail stores.

7. It is a city that is close to the wilderness surrounding it.  Maybe that's why the hockey team is actually called 'the Wild'?  Just supposing.  I have always found that driving into the city one goes from countryside and small town Minnesota 'directly' into the city.  There appears to be a very quick transition between the two.  For me this is a plus because it indicates that the city engineers are planning expansion properly and it also means that its quick to get to the great outdoors.

8. Prince is from there.  He's actually got a place in Toronto now too, which, again, to me, is pretty cool.  I know the Purple One isn't everyone's cup-of-tea but most would have to admit that he is a musical genius.  His stuff from the last 15 years hasn't been great, but leading up to that it's been inspirational.  He used to have a club in Minneapolis called the Glam Slam.  I've never seen it.  Wonder if its still there?

9. This one is a bit weak. And I was waffling between two ideas here ... I'm going to go with, Minneapolis has curling.  Yes, that's another sport that we in Canada sometimes follow.  Canadians are also quite good at it.  I'm neither a player nor a junkie, BUT I like to watch a good match.  It's been likened to chess on ice.  It's a sport that takes a brutal amount of teasing but I think it deserves better.  It's definitely not as easy as many people think it is.

10.  As advertised is empty for you to fill in.  What do you know about Minneapolis that I don't?  Mall of America, yes, pretty cool but a mall's a mall.  Dig deep you Minnesotan's and let me know.

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