Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Long Way Home

Many cities have some feature that geographically divides them; sometimes a lake or river, perhaps a new highway cutting through a neighbourhood, or maybe greenbelt.  In Hamilton its a 'mountain.'
Our mountain is really just an escarpment, but it divides us into those who live on the mountain and those who live below the mountain.  I live and work below the mountain but today I had to head on up there for business.  I decided to seek out a rail-trail that I had heard of but never used.  I found it.
It's made for a rail-line (which is now obviously gone) so that makes the climb very subtle.  It's almost like one of those magnetic hills - you know, where you're going in the opposite direction that you think you should.  That's how easy a climb this was.

It basically goes east-west, but at the top of the mountain you can, apparently, take it dozens of miles south to an adjoining community.  A trip I will make one day soon.

This is at the beginning of the climb.  It must have looked like a tunnel of colour a couple of weeks ago.

Scenic rest stop.

I pass this brick yard every day from down below.  I've never seen it from this perspective.

This is quite a way's along and no longer on the rail-trail.  I live a couple miles to the right and down.  That's Lake Ontario in the distance.
In the end this really didn't take me that much longer to get home by this route.  It's probably the most pleasant option I have, but I'm just excited about any new options at all.  I think there are many discoveries yet to be made along this path.

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  1. What an optimistic post! Just full of the hope of future adventure. Cool pics, too.