Saturday, November 26, 2011

Early Morning Ride

Long story short.  My good friend told me he was needing a goal - something to look forward to.  He had concluded that he would complete the hike to Base Camp (as in, Mt. Everest).  He's really trying to get me to join him for this.  It's not exactly on my bucket-list, but I'd consider it.

Nevertheless I suggest the Tour the Divide as something else he might want to consider.  "What's that?" he says.  "Wellsir, its a ride along the Continental Divide from Banff, Canada to the Mexico border," says I.
He seems intrigued but not having ridden a bicycle in at least  15 years I'm not certain I have him sold.

Shift to the next day.  My phone rings.

JD (my friend):  I'm just calling to tell you what you've started.

Wilson: ??

JD: I bought a bike.

Wilson: Awesome!

JD: I also told my two uncles about this thing and they're both in.

Wilson: (gulp).

So now I'm not sure if I am committed or not.  I'm not a mountain biker per-se (although I'd love to get a Pugsley!).
In any case he felt we needed to begin training right away, so the next morning we went on a 50k to the next town.
JD and his uncle.  The trailhead is just across the street.

At this point my light was working, but not for long!

JD trying to get his head around his first bike ride in 15 years.

My light had long-since konked out.  Sunrise about 20 minutes later was beautiful.

Almost home.  
The trail was decent.  I had not been on it before.  Did not meet anyone on the way out but passed several people walking dogs on the way back.

Apparently JD and his uncle are off on about a 30k ride tomorrow.  I had to pass because of other commitments.  We've a lot of training ahead of us if we are actually working toward the Divide.  100k a day is within my capability but I'm not so sure if you throw in the equivalent of scaling Everest 11 times.  I will obviously let you know how this develops.


  1. Tour Divide? Excellent. You'll probably need a blog groupie. I'm in for that.

    Go, Wilson!

  2. Good luck with your training. Sounds like a grand adventure!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement. I would love to do this but not even sure I want to be away from my family for that long a period. I really would miss them. However, negotiations with my wife and daughter seem to be leading toward a two week cap. How far could I get in 14 days? Certainly couldn't finish but maybe halfway. It would still be a worthwhile experience.