Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hiking the Bruce Trail

Got in a nice family hike last weekend.  We are fortunate to live right beside some of the best hiking trails for hundreds of miles about.  The Bruce Trail is hundreds of miles long but we managed to tick off about 2 miles of it.  Ha!  It's not that it was so difficult going that we only got in the two or so miles, but rather because my wife and daughter were continually looking for ways to scale the slope to the top.  It's extremely steep and one is not meant to go "up" but rather side-to-side, if you will.
Hallelujah about to head up the slope
Nevertheless my wife and daughter, undaunted by clear rock fall debris and extremely loose aggregate finally made it to the top.  I admit they found a safe-ish place to do that and I followed because they wanted to explore some farmers field (read: private property) at the top.

It's a lot steeper than it looks!

Neither my wife nor Hallelujah could get past this shelf, in fact they could barely get down. 

One of the first rules of climbing, "don't go up if you can't get down."

This tree was a rest stop from the steepness of the grade.

Mom and daughter coming down the escarpment the easy way.

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