Friday, February 08, 2013

Yet Another "Day of Rest"

There's no denying I love a snow day.  They really don't happen very often.  Can't get to work by car, bicycle or bus.

It bothers me that I haven't managed to get on my bike in days, and this didn't help.  Makes me feel like a fair-weather cyclist.  However, I plan to get in the home-shop and do some wrenching, and it's certainly a good day for that.

I haven't done any bike-centric posts recently,  but hopefully I'll get back to that as well.


  1. Wow. That looks like hibernation weather to me. When I see photos like that, I realize how nice winter is down here. Stay in, I say, and live to ride another day.

  2. We have had a pretty dry winter, here in Denver. I haven't had a lot of need for the Mukluk, that's for sure! I would actually kinda like to get a big snow, like that, sometime this season...