Monday, February 11, 2013

Are these streets half clean or half dirty?

I think you need to be an optimist if you choose to commute by bicycle.

After a few days of heavy snowfall I was finally able to safely get onto the streets of Hamilton by bicycle.  Here's what the bike lanes looked like.

They sort of disappear for a bit, then reappear a little further on.

The pessimist in me might say that this pushed me into unsympathetic car traffic.  But the optimist in me says that at least I am not being sentenced to ride through the broken glass, nails, road salt accumulation and other junk that typically litters the bicycling lane.

I choose optimism! I'll take the higher road!

"Hmmm. What is that in my bike lane? "
It's an impassible wall of "snow" that'll not likely melt until June because of the foreign matter sustaining it!

The optimist in me says "These things make excellent, natural, bike racks."

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