Monday, February 18, 2013

Salsa Beargrease

I arrived at Phat Moose Cycles with the impression that I had booked a Salsa Mukluk II.  I had never been on a fat-tire bicycle before and to say I was looking forward to it is an understatement.  They opened at 10 and I was there for 9:55 in full gear.  
The weather was ideal and although I wouldn't have the time to get to any of the  recommended trails, I had a route well planned out that would include a variety of challenges.
I was stunned when the two guys at Phat Moose had instead prepared for me a  Salsa Beargrease.  Holy cow. It was like getting the ultimate, free upgrade at Budget Rent a Car.

Riding a $3200 bicycle is not something I am familiar with.  Aside from a titanium framed unit this is pretty much top-of-the-line.  I would make the most of this day by riding the trail until my legs rebelled against my mind and flat-out screamed "no more!"  It was a thrilling experience and I caught myself smiling broadly many times.
Theses are my first  impressions and there are too many others to communicate in a single entry. So for now I want to leave you with one last nod to Phat Moose.
When I picked up the bicycle I asked them if they wanted my rental payment. Nope, they're good. 
How about a copy of my drivers license or other identification? "Uh uh."
"Maybe I should sign something...?" Apparently not.
I don't encounter this level of trust very often and it really impressed me.  They didn't know me but still made me feel like one of the gang. A member of a special club who appreciated  the deeper meaning and privilege of having access to a bicycle like this.
My hats off to you Phat Moose.  Count on my recommendation anytime.

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  1. Cool bike, excellent story. I hope you'll elaborate on your impressions of the bike, and your use of it.