Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Treasures of Old

At my folks house for the holidays.  Going through my old closet full of boxes and I found this.

I wasn't at the event.  But it's one of the last purchases I made from my first serious foray into cycling that lasted from about 1982 through 1987.

I had no money at all back then so something like this was fairly major, if you can believe it.  There are other things I wish I would discover, like my aero wheel cover, my skid-lid, and my Bell Stratos, but they are long gone in garage sales.

Back in that day, as so many are still saying, if you were interested in cycling you needed to get on board with the road scene.  That was fine with me as a youngster but I am so glad that more practical and in some ways enjoyable expressions of bicycling are more widely available today.  While Le Tour et al. still fascinate me, I myself wear fewer and fewer "team" items all the time (that includes spandex in the summers!).


  1. Yep. That's an awesome find, and a reminder of the good ol' roadie days. But I've got to say I'm having more fun now than ever.

  2. That was around the time Eric Heiden rode for 7-Eleven.

    A fun time for those of us who rode back then. But I have to agree with Pondero, it seems more fun to ride today.

  3. THAT is a name from the past indeed. I had forgotten about him.
    Along those lines I have been listening to a great interview with Stephen Roche on the Bicycle Show. Remember him?

  4. yes, he had memorable battles with Bernard Hinault (the Badger). I think Johnathon Boyer was a co-competitor also. Then came LeMond! and Lauren Fignon.