Saturday, January 12, 2013

Raising them up in the way they should go

I may not get out on epic rides very often, but today's small sojourn with my girl was glorious.
Even the breeze was warm today - decidedly not a normal January day - but most welcome for a Saturday.

First we went a few k's down to Lake Ontario.  Hallelujah brought her Audubon birdbook just in case.

I was wayyy too layered and overdressed for this.

Next we made our way over to 50-Point Conservation Area.  This is always a favourite stop to explore and enjoy the lake.

There's Hallelujah's Peugeot build that I did a couple years ago.  Still LOVE her Sturmey-Archer 3-speed hub and still looking for ways to take it back and put on my own bike!  Hallelujah is also pretty keen on her SWOBO handlebars (I'll let her keep those).

When we got back to the bikes the wind had done its work.  No damage or anything but lots of mud to be cleaned out of the brake lever's.

This is as nice a day as one could hope for.  Tomorrow its supposed to be warmer, but with rain.

I hope that I have, or will, instill a permanent love of cycling in my little girl.  She still seems pretty shaky and unsure when we're on busier roads but hopefully that will pass in time, without her losing the respect necessary to show passing cars.

~ Wilson


  1. So envious of those of you who have a big body of water to ride to and enjoy.
    I wish I would have tried harder to instill a permanent love of cycling in my little girl.

  2. My little girl blesses me every day.
    ~ Wilson