Sunday, October 28, 2012

Extreme Fog

In my opinion, bicycling in heavy fog is a lot of fun.  It feels good on the face, and there's really no danger of being able to see far enough ahead.  It's not like traveling in a car, which is going fast enough that the fog becomes an issue of visibility.
Cool.  My paint job is apparently named "Bridge Overpass Green."

(I'm only on the sidewalk for the purposes of this photo.  Yes, that's a perfectly good bike lane to my left.)
However, it does become an issue when cars cannot detect you soon enough.  I had one close call on this ride and I'm pretty sure that the "guy" came up on me so fast that he had no idea I was there.

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  1. Yeah, I like riding in the fog also. We don't get much fog in my location. So when it happens, the common landscape is transformed into something that is new and mysterious. Fortunately, I have options where the visibility for drivers of too fast motor vehicles is almost a non-issue for my safety.