Friday, September 28, 2012

This Town Needs an Improved Method of Communitcation

I don't know how to re-post from another BLOG but the link I am referring to is here.

Apparently the Bike SNOB was in town.  In fact, it turns out that I have missed him by about 4 hours.

I do not enjoy the Bike SNOB's material as much as others and therefore choose not to follow his posts. However, I have nothing against him whatsoever and I would gladly have supported his presence in my town.  I would have even promoted him as much as possible.

But I did not know he was here...

It's a shame.  It shows me that there is no centralized bicycle or commuter communication in this city and that shows poorly on us.  Within the last 12 months I have read two, or perhaps three, articles arguing that we are a bicycle-friendly burg - I have always disagreed with that notion and this lends  more fuel for my opinion.

Come on Hamilton.  We had a "celebrity" of sorts here and I bet the turnout was mediocre at best.  We need to do better than this.

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