Sunday, September 09, 2012

So that's where that went...

I recently changed to a new commuting backpack so I needed to transfer everything over from the old.
After I finished with the standard and necessary items here's what was left.

A bandana
A disc-golf towel
20 cents
A blank/unburned CD
A letter that was never sent
2 bungee cords
An empty glasses case
A bicycle lock key
A receipt for a magazine
Instructions for a Sony HandyCam

What I really need in a pack is...
An extra couple of dollars
A bus ticket
My pump (sometimes)
A spare tube (sometimes)
A tire repair kit
Occasionally a rain coat
The remainder of space is for work items, iPad, and the day's clothing.

What are the things you need on your commute?

1 comment:

  1. Must-haves in the commuter pack:

    Patch kit/pump
    Multi-tool w/chainbreaker
    Extra AAA batteries for the blinkies

    Everything else is situation-specific (rain gear, extra clothes, etc...), but a lot of it gets left in the bag simply because I don't have a more convenient spot in which to store it.