Monday, September 03, 2012

Ride for Refuge 2012

This will be my third Ride for Refuge and I am going to do their maximum mileage this year - 100km.  I know it's not necessarily a lot by many peoples standards but this is about my limit since I don't yet do club rides or even bother to get out nearly as much as I should, aside from commuting.

The thing about this Ride is the camaraderie.  My wife and daughter will join me in both cycling and raising funds for this cause.  They will do a 25km route but just the same, it's so wonderful to have them out with me.

When I read about people cycle-camping and spending the week on some of the trails that are around New York, New England or Pennsylvania I am so envious.  I guess the Ride is my little taste of a family cycling adventure.

Their logo means "Love, Sweat & Gears.
(also, my daughter says I don't smile enough on my BLOG shots!)

I've only done a couple of charity rides but I like them.  I have heard that some folks are critical of them, but I don't understand exactly why. 

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  1. Have a great ride! It's always great to ride with family, as well as other folks.