Thursday, February 09, 2012

Just Noticing Some Ugly Components

I don't think I'm snobbish about parts and components at all.  Indeed, I can't afford what I want without spreading the cost over several months for a single item (Brooks saddle is presently a good example of this).  However, I think I do have an appreciation for quality and it occurred to me as I looked at these photo's of my weekend ride that I have one ugly stem!  Can one even still get threaded stems that could replace this adjustable thing I have?  I hope so.
The pics were never intended to highlight this, but it's the first thing that stood out to me.  Anyone know a good and reliable on-line "old parts" seller who could help me replace this thing?

This boardwalk is just over 1km long.

As for the ride itself, pretty decent here on most days but the cold had caused some heaving in this boardwalk over the marsh and made for a pretty bumpy ride.  This would have been better suited to a MTB today.


  1. Your local dealer can still get a variety of quill stems from either J&B Imports or QBP. I have a couple of new stems on my bikes which would match yours, and they cost in the neighborhood of $35 to $40. Nitto stems will be roughly double that, and are overkill for a commuter (IMHO).

  2. Jon thanks for that. I don't know much about them so I appreciate the help. I seem to recall that the length was going to be an issue, but I'll look into it. That adjustable stem I have has just got to go!