Saturday, March 10, 2012

Inspiration Needed

Unmotivated by the cold, windswept darkness of morning these past many weeks I have decided to find motivation in training for something.
So far I have selected two events that get my blood pumping.
The first is the Paris-to-Ancaster race.  It's 60km over a variety of surfaces.  It's pretty popular too.  It'll be my first time in it though. 
That's happening April 15th.

Then, in July, I'll do my first ride assisted long-distance bit from Windsor, Ontario to Toronto.  I think its about 600km.  More on that later.

For Paris-Ancaster I hope I can get my new frame built up.  It won't be quite the way I will ultimately want it but now I'm under the wire to get it done.  I've been held up looking for forks but I think I've landed on something agreeable. 


  1. I've also been thinking of some kind of event motivation. Since, however, I really have some decent riding nearby, I've decided to map some newer, longer routes to motivate me. I've done one already and have got another one mapped and waiting. I'm excited, so it must be working pretty well.

  2. Paris-Ancaster looks like a fun ride. Good luck training for it. The longer ride really sounds cool. Late winter motivation is always lacking for me. Having something to train for really helps me.