Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Soup Fest

A fundraiser held in the city each year.
It was my first time there.  You purchase a card that allows four gourmet soup samples - choosing from the 30 or so that are available at the event.
It was really crowded but I managed, in order of my favorites, a mushroom-bacon soup, a yam-apple soup, a curry chicken soup and a seafood offering.  I didn't enjoy the seafood one quite as much but the attraction was more just getting this little critter in the bowl.

"Please don't eat m..."

The whole thing brought to mind Portland's Soupcycle crew.  Wish we had that here!

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  1. That poor little guy (or gal) doesn't look too happy! I wouldn't know what to think if that was in my soup bowl. They sure are tasty though!