Sunday, January 22, 2012

Plan B

I like(d) John Candy a lot.  His comedy always struck a chord in me, and it culminated in his character, Uncle Buck.
In the movie Buck announces to his sister-in-law that he is on a five-year plan to stop smoking.  His idea is to spend a final year with cigarettes, the next year with cigars, the next smoking a pipe, then chewing tobacco and finally onto nicotine gum.
Although I haven't really worked it out yet, a part of my plan to be "outside" more, drive a car less, and spend less on gas includes a 50cc scooter.  There are lots of days when I cannot get motivated enough for my bicycle commute and its good to have my 2006 Yamaha BWS scooter.

Altruistic as I would like to be, I need to be realistic.  Oftentimes I need a gas-powered vehicle to do what is required of me.  Now, that said, perhaps I should work out a five year plan and see if I can't just ween myself and my family further away from car-dependence.

The scooter is fun, too.


  1. Good luck with your plan. I, too, struggle with driving vs riding. I've been thinking about getting a motorcycle, but figured I could buy a nice bike for the price of a used motorcycle. But then I've got 4 bikes already, plus have a daughter in college. So, for now, I've just got plans for a new set of bike fenders.

    Be safe!

  2. My wife thinks I should have gone full-motorcycle, but I like the scooter. It does put me in a weird place though; not a bicycle and not quite going the same speed as the cars are. I'm learning.