Friday, January 13, 2012

I could get used to this kind of work week

It's a nice work week when you get the chance to spend it in a place like this.  I considered bringing my bike, and perhaps I should have, but then I would not have had the chance for some quality time with my wife.
Since we don't really ski we decided to go spelunking.  These were real caves - the kind one might actually get stuck in!  In the end we all survived the tight squeezes and got some good memories to boot!

 This one is called the "Ice Cave."  It went down quite far.  Not for the claustrophobic I suggest.
 This is me emerging from the "Birthing Canal."  It's a three hour drive for us to get here, and the first of the snow was spotted about 40 minutes away.  This year you must go pretty far north to see the white stuff.

There was a bike rental place I was eager to check out.  I thought perhaps they would have some fatties! Alas, I really think snow bikes are yet scarce up in Canada.  Needless to say they did not have any.  For three days the only evidence of bikes I saw were these two nice ones outside Starbucks. 

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