Friday, January 20, 2012

Downtown observations

There's a new "corner" that's beginning to get a bit trendy and it includes a neat little urban-art shop.  The shop itself has an eclectic combination of things to peruse and if I knew the name (that is, remembered) I'd give you the link.  Outside of the shop window there sat a bicycle.  I was not certain whether it had been abandoned or not because I thought I had seen it there before in the exact same spot.
Upon closer inspection it seemed well used in the very best sense, particularly the saddle.  So I took a couple of shots.

Then I went into said shop where the owner (?), a bright young fellow with a big smile, said "you like my bike?"  Turns out he commutes through the city every day with this beauty.

Makes me reflect a bit.  I like to think I am a minimalist, someone who likes things deconstructed, simple and understandable.  Yet, here I spend so much time and money in efforts to make my bicycle simpler?  There's an irony there.  There's no doubt that as a means of transport goes, this fellow is much 'simpler' than I (and I mean that as a compliment).
The only thing that helps me justify this attack on my self-imposed smugness is that my commute takes me 18 miles one way along a fairly major highway with no shoulders and then back again.
This 'corner-bike' would neither be functional nor safe for that.

I'm a good justifier. Heh.


  1. I think we all, to some degree, must define simplicity for ourselves. When simplicity isn't voluntary, it starts to look more like oppression. Best wishes on finding the right balance.

  2. That's interesting, Pondero, especially in the context of self. Something for me to think about, thanks.