Sunday, August 18, 2013

Backroad Bliss

Mornings in the country are always nice on a day like this; clear, cool, dry, breezy but not windy. I cannot imagine conditions being much better.

Action shot: here I come.


I didn't leave the cottage especially early this morning but no one else was up when I left and that makes it all the more serene.
It feels too long since I have saddled up for a leisure ride but soon as I am on the gravel I wonder why I've left it so long.
These roads are normally very quiet so it was a first for me to pass a road cyclist (looked like he was training) on a paved section and someone out for a run.  The city "lifestyle" is clearly making its way into this farming community.

Trans Canada Trail runs through here. Might have to properly check that out someday.

Ah, yes. This is what I was looking for!

Small Methodist church outside Balderson. I think it's defunct though.

Bridge near Fallbrook. I thought it crossed the Fall River but I'll need to double-check.

I love the city and all its variety but I also love the tranquility of the country.  It's interesting to me that the further I physically bicycle into the middle of nowhere the further my desire is for the city - but when I am back at home I love it too. Which would I choose if I had to? Not sure.
Rounded out my ride with a stop at Balderson Cheese for a coffee. Wonderful way to spend time here at the cottage.
This pic is actually outside Coutts Coffee in Perth. It was a better shot than the Balderson stop.
Photos all courtesy of my friends GoPro. Still don't quite have the knack of it but its a really fun tool to bring along.


  1. Looks a serene ride. I too know that feeling "of wondering why I have left it so long".

    1. Unfortunately this was a vacation spot near my parents cottage and not an area I can regularly access. But if I lived closer to this spot I'd definitely have fewer excuses.

  2. Great write-up. I looks like a wonderful time, and I LOVED the last photo.

    1. Thanks, Pondero. Actually I sort of modeled that last photo after some of yours I've seen!

  3. Extended vacation time is awesome!

    1. Yup. I will be making a habit of this.

  4. Nice photos and write up.