Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Soma Clarence Bar

Since I really began bicycling again a few years ago, I have always "suffered" from tingling in my hands.  No matter how I adjusted the cockpit, time and distance always exposed this area of discomfort.
I do not have it completely solved, but I will suggest that the Clarence Bar, by SOMA Fabrications has significantly helped.

I got these online, on sale from a reputable US dealer. They arrived quickly and intact.
I have been using them now for two months and the bottom line is, I can recommend them.
Being a more upright bar, at first I was worried that they weren't "sexy."  A redonkulous notion on my part, but I'm pretty sure it counts for at least 10% of consideration for anything I purchase.

Perhaps a better shot to see the anodized red highlights of the Paké.

While they do put me in a more upright position, I have found that it is easily worth the decrease in hand pain, neck strain, and my back feels much better once I arrive at work.
I think there is still some adjusting to be done, and perhaps there is a new saddle in my future (there is! I will BLOG about it soon). But for now, I believe I have one part of the equation solved. I don't see the Clarence Bars being replaced anytime soon.

One caveat, or drawback, I used a grip shift mechanism. The shifter, brake and grip do not fit on the bar.  As a result I am trying a thumb shifter (from Chain Reaction Cycles in the UK). As well, it's really just a matter of time before I switch to the Sturmey-Archer S2 hub, which will negate the need for any shifter whatsoever.

I realize that by not posting as regularly I have risked losing some readership. The way I figure things, my BLOG is a bit of an escape and if I have not needed that escape in the lasts month that is likely a good thing.  Thanks for your patience everyone.

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