Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Magnets - Things I Like

I have a pair of nice Sugoi insulated lobster gloves for winter riding.  Although they are losing some loft, and consequently not as warm as they once were, I will say that they have been indispensable these last three winters.
But what I have really come to appreciate about them are the magnets within each glove.
The magnets enable me to hang them from a heating vent at work, so that they dry very quickly.

Yes.  My office is a dump!
The magnets also allow me to remove them mid-ride and "stick" them to my top-bar while I take photos or do whatever it is I do. This way, I have full use of my arms and hands and am not dropping the gloves in the snow or wet.

Magnets in gloves - you are on the "nice" list.


1 comment:

  1. Magnets! Yes! There is nothing worse than dropping your mitts in the slush when locking up.