Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Slow but sure...

I'm slowly building up my resume of capability when it comes to wrenching.  It's an exciting thing. 

The other day I was working on my bike at the local co-op and a "customer" came in to get some tips - and they asked me.  So I answered and I must say I think I passed pretty well as someone who knew what they were talking about!

I'm learning things because of my own building adventures.  For example, I've never, ever installed a threadless headset.  I didn't know how a month ago.  And I'm not saying that because I've done one that I am an expert.  I'm just suggesting that when its learning about something you love this much it does tend to stick.

I purchased a red Mowa headset at pinkbike and some nice no-name black forks from a west-coast dealer.  Not sure if the photo captures it but the black is the secondary colour on the bike and I love the small red touches I'll be adding (starting with this headset).  There will also be red in the grips, the valve caps and perhaps the drivetrain somewhere.  I just think its good looking.

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  1. Nice start. Color accents are always fun.