Friday, June 22, 2012

Little Victories

Part of my commute brings me through a small village-y part of town.  There are several stops passing through, and I often try to "race" the cars to show that I can get through (about 2 miles total) faster than they are able.
Today there was this HUGE black Ford truck that was soooo impatient with the traffic.  If someone was turning left he would absolutely ROAR out to the right (too near to me) and pass them on the inside. This is usually the kind of person I like to show up the most, if I am able. Today I was able!
I don't know if the fellow in the truck noticed or not but he had to pass me 5 times before he got to the clear!  I love that sort of thing.

Normally I like to include a photo or two with my entries but I didn't have any for this thought.  Too busy racing the guy and making sure he didn't side-swipe me.

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