Sunday, September 29, 2013

Leisure Ride with Friends - Back on the Bicycle

I simply have not been riding.
Between having a brutal head-cold, lack of motivation on cold mornings and needing a car at work to shuttle myself through a day of meetings I have found plenty of excuses.
As I was slowly watching my waistline grow, my wife suggested we call some friends to get out and ride on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Great suggestion.

We rallied at their house on the mountain, and JD took us on a nice loop nearby.  First we skulked along the mountain brow (a well trod path on a day like today). Then we circled back north toward his place and Valley Park. Finally into a local conservation area I had always wanted to explore but never taken the chance to do so.

JD is fresh off finishing the Great Divide race. His frame failed with a few hundred miles to go (and he still finished!) and this was his first time out on the new replacement. Pretty sharp setup.
You never know when the GoPro is aimed at you! Here my wife takes a break to enjoy the view.
We left hills out of the equation, our total mileage might have been about 10 (miles), and there was no perspiration of any kind involved. You know, its just what the doctor ordered! Sometimes whatever it takes to get back in the saddle is enough.

No roots, no slippery stones ... this path is just my speed!

Cave entrance.  I didn't go inside but its clear that lots of others had.
I'm away for the next few days but when I get back to the normal routine I plan on my bicycle being a part of that.


  1. Looks like a great place to ride.

    1. Thanks, Randy. It is at that, albeit a bit short.