Saturday, July 14, 2012

Living Large in a Small Home

Alert: Not a Cycling Post.

Every so often I need to tip my hat in favour of a lifestyle post.  Efficient living design is a hobby and I have some definite opinions.

Take this Tumbleweed house for example. 

I have read about these houses for years.  Would love to own one, but it would no longer suit my lifestyle as a family man.  I have never known anyone to actually own one, let alone seen one.  The last place I expected to find one was Canada.  Nevertheless here it is - about 6 miles from my home.

The owner has "moved on" but apparently had lived in it for about a year.  I'd love to meet her.

My daughter shares my passion for these types of things.  Have a look...

Now that I know its there, next time I'll bike to it.  It's a beautiful ride.

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