Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Pal, My Hero

Not long ago a conversation over a coffee planted a seed in my friend.  He had not been on a bicycle since he was a teen but now there was a spark in him, he was committing to the Tour Divide.  This is a race and an adventure that I would love to be a part of, but until or if I ever do, he is my hero.  He has made the investment in the training and the equipment.  He has purchased a one-way ticket (because he doesn't know where he'll end up finishing) and is getting increasingly nervous because he flies out next Wednesday.
I will be following him with his spot tracker all the way.  Look for him.  His name is JD Pauls. That's him in the red. 

He trains fully loaded - that's his full Tour Divide kit.  I am trying to convince him to shave his legs (when he wipes out he'll thank me, but he says he's not going to wipe out!)

We went on a really casual training run over the weekend.  In his short time on a bike his level of fitness is way above mine already (he knocks off hundreds of miles a week training) and he barely breaks a sweat compared to my 190 bpm red face (notice the sweat).
Good luck JD!


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  2. Awesome! I find it exciting to be blog friends with someone who is friends with someone bodacious enough to do the Tour Divide. I'm backing JD Pauls for the win this year. Go, JD!