Sunday, April 01, 2012

Build Items

Picked up a couple of things for the Pake build.
A MOWA headset.  These seem to be decent enough.  I don't know much about headsets in particular.  I tend to shop by price comparison.  In other words...

"Hey there's a headset that costs $15 but appears to retail for $70, therefore it must be a good headset, especially for the money. I shall buy it."  I am a regular fount of Vulcan logic.

Yup, that's my secret to shopping for some bicycle parts. 

The red will contrast nicely with the frame colour though.

I realize the photo is "flipped" but I am too lazy to set it right!

And I also got a 9 speed short-cage rear derailleur that I am excited about.  Great price, decent shape.  Since I am going with a single ring up front I am told that a short-cage will suit nicely.  Had thought I would go with an IGH but instead I will do that with my aluminum frame, making it even more winter-suitable.  The Pake will be for everything else.

Really all I need now are forks and I am away to the races (figuratively).  Have my eye on the All-City Nature Boy set, which I think will bring things together nicely.

This build should have happened over winter...oh well...its back on the burners again.


  1. Excellent. I've got a build going too. What fun!

    I thought I had almost everything I need, but alas, I'm picking up a few bits myself.

    Keep those status reports coming.

  2. Let the good times (and bikes) roll!